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What is PulchWave For?

PulchWave is here to deal with the needs and requirements of the Corporate Fashion, in the Office environment. Whether it be of an office junior to the MD or CEO’s PA. Of course the Boardroom or Managerial may be Female that needs to look Authoritive. We are here to provide Real Cloths, with Real Style, for Real Women and not the usual six foot tall catwalk fashion demands of the stick insect sizes in the fashion world.

Having Said That

Marilyn Monroe was once considered the most beautiful woman in the world. She had a dress size that today would be considered to be Extra Large. Yet todays mentality of one size should fit all is not acceptable. Nor is it acceptable that a woman has to dress half naked to satisfy the leering eyes of a Corporate Boss. In a successful company Smart, Elegant and well Groomed staff enhances the professional reputation of a company, with their professional appearance. Regardless of their shape, size or build.

Should Women Set the Office Dress Code?

Of Course, why not? After all is there ever a situation, where men are told to how to dress at the office half naked as a dress code? It just does not happen. The only time men are suggested to or told what to wear is by their wives, partner or girlfriend. Generally speaking women understand the many thousands of design features of clothing men never ever think about. Hence a woman is more likely to be the real expert on the Office Dress Code than any overbearing male boss. Whether you're Petite and Dainty, a Marilyn Monroe Plus Size or something in between. We are here to serve your needs.

Your Corporate Seasons.

We realise one style does not fit in with every season of the year. Basically you should consider your comfort zone into two seasonal areas. Spring, Summer to Autumn and Autumn, Winter to Spring. It is in these two areas our collections are built around to cover the climate variation that varies from year to year. Thus your wardrobe should be a 2 season variation and not the 4 on the calendar. We remember it is your reputation that makes our reputation.

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