About Us

The Origin Of PulchWave

About our name PulchWave. It comes from the word pulchritudinous meaning beautiful (abbreviated) and wave emphasizing the flowing design of the many designs we have on this platform.

Tired of the many Designer Rags In The Media?  So were we. Some are so bad you wouldn't want to give them to a charity shop. At Pulchwave we decided to specialize mainly in office fashion as there appears to be a lacking of good Designs and Styles. We decided to search the world to find good Designs and Style, with a sense of good taste and elegance, giving Women a Real Fashion Sense at an affordable price, so at the same time, you don't have to pay many 1000's of Dollars to look like a celebrity. Not a $1000 to $6000 price tag to pay for a designer label that doesn't always have Style.

Depending on where an item comes from, delivery will be from 2 weeks to 2 months. Sent to you direct from our suppliers. Suppliers will usually process your order over 2 to 8 days. If ordering more than 1 item, then the arrival may vary between the different items, as they may come from different suppliers, but before ordering, then please look at the Sizing Chart for each item. We will use ePacket airmail for delivery as the fastest method for Free Delivery. Speed of final delivery may depend on how fast it clears customs. 2 weeks to a month is usually a reasonable arrival time to the UK plus customs clearance.

All prices are in dollars as it is the main international currency for trade with most of our suppliers.

 The Guy At The Top

William C F Pierce is a former Engineer and Surfer from West London, hence the connection of the origin of the above description. He has an appreciation of good attractive styling, which is just as important in engineering as it is in Fashion. He has taken and applied this appreciation to the formal office cloths environment. Where the cut and curve wave of the design is an important part of the beautiful styling of any design item and chooses the best designs from suppliers of up to 6 countries worldwide. William also deal with the offline marketing in the Media in the UK.